South Korea Get Back Into Crypto, China Embraces Blockchain

South Korea Contemplates Lifting ICO Ban

South Korea — which has given the crypto community more than its share of FUD since it began banning ICOs and anonymous trading months earlier — is now considering re-legalizing Initial Coin Offerings in the country. The change of heart reportedly comes as the National Assembly seeks to enhance the legal “basis” of cryptocurrency.

Vulnerabilities In EOS Blockchain Discovered, Fixed Same Day

A Chinese Internet security company found “epic” vulnerabilities in EOS’s blockchain this week that they say could affect a variety of other blockchain platforms. EOS, after asking the company not to publicize the news (to no avail), reportedly then patched the bug the same day.

John McAfee To Launch Crypto-Backed Fiat Currency

The eccentric businessman behind McAfee Anti-Virus software tweeted this week that the rumors are true, he will be launching his own “McAfee Coin,” which is both convertible to crypto and redeemable for up to 100 minutes of facetime with McAfee himself. The catch? You must first fly to a certain address in Mexico, only there to be told the date, time, and place for the meeting.

China’s President Lauds Blockchain As “Technical Revolution”

President of China, Xi Jinping, spoke of blockchain technology as an example of a “new generation” of “breakthrough” technology during a speech at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. According to the president, we are now in an “unprecedented period of intensive activity” in terms of scientific and technological innovation.

Leading Crypto Exchange Binances Creates $1 Bln Crypto Fund

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance, which is currently leading globally by trade volume, is creating a $1 bln cryptocurrency-based fund using Binance’s BNB tokens as an investment vehicle. The fund, which will be managed through Binance’s incubator spin-off, Binance Labs, is seeking 20 partners that each have at least $100 mln under asset management.

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